Updates - KentuckyFireTrucks

KentuckyFireTrucks.com features over 7100 images from 894 departments, agencies, and organizations representing all 120 counties of Kentucky! 

The site features current digital photography and scans of older photos.  Check back often for updates! 

We have now visited 99% of the active fire departments in Kentucky, plus many more that are no longer active or have consolidated.  If your department is one of the very few that we are still missing, please feel free to contact us to set up a photo shoot! 

Our 2019 photo season has ended, but we will be back out on the road in the spring!  Thanks to all of our fans and viewers (5.5 million photo views in 2019) who have helped make this site so fun!!  Please check back often as you never know when we will add old scans from our vaults.  


1/19/2020 - Sneak peek of Lexington's new Tower 2!