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KentuckyFireTrucks.com features over 7700 images from 898 fire departments, rescue squads, agencies, and organizations representing all 120 counties of Kentucky! 

The site features current digital photography and scans of older photos.  Check back often for updates! 

We have now visited 99% of the active fire departments in Kentucky, plus many more that are no longer active or have consolidated.  If your department is one of the very few that we are still missing, please feel free to contact us to set up a photo shoot! 

Our 2021 photography season has begun!  We will be working with fire departments to ensure COVID-19 safety while out photographing new deliveries and updates.  Let us know if your department has made fleet additions.  Check back often for regular updates to the site!                            


9/16/2021 -Updated photos for Engines 4, 5, 6, 13, 22, and 24 and new Ladder 7 and Emergency Care 11 for Lexington.           

9/15/2021 - Added Hazmat Duty Officer to Hazmat Co. 1, Shift Commander, Support Apparatus, and Reserve Apparatus pages for Lexington.   

9/7/2021 - Updates for Shelbyville, Shelby County Engines, and new Waddy East 60 Station in Shelby County.  

9/5/2021 - Update for Fern Creek Quint 7155 and new photos of the last Anchorage Middletown units left to be rebranded (Stations 9-11) in Jefferson County.  

9/3/2021 - New Tower 1 for Richmond and update for White Hall in Madison County.  

8/27/2021 - New Engine 4 and updates for Irvine in Estill County.  

8/22/2021 - Updates for Bardstown in Nelson County.  

8/14/2021 - New Tanker 509 for Camp Dick in Garrard County.  

8/8/2021 - Updates for Bluegrass Army Depot and Waco in Madison County.  

8/3/2021 - New Engine 3 for Somerset and updates for Science Hill in Pulaski County.  

7/29/2021 - Added District cars and unit history for Lexington.  

7/8/2021 - New Quint 31 for Shelbyville in Shelby County and new Rescue 5786 for Taylorsville-Spencer County FD in Spencer County.  

7/7/2021 - Updates for Emlyn, Rockholds, and Woodbine in Whitley County.  

7/6/2021 - New Engine 700 for Mudlick in Monroe County and Ladder 1 for Owenton in Owen County.  

7/5/2021 - Updates for 5th District in Butler County and North Metcalfe FD in Metcalfe County.   

7/4/21 - New Ladder 5 for Owensboro, new Engine 223 for Knottsville, and new Engine 327 for Yelvington in Daviess County.  

7/1/21 - Updates for Scottsville-Allen County FD, Cedar Springs #1, and Halifax in Allen County.  

6/29/21 - Added new Station 7 and Engine 7 for Bowling Green in Warren County.  

6/27/21 - Updates for Jenkins and Neon in Letcher County.  

6/26/21 - Updates for Hindman and Pippa Passes in Knott County.  

6/25/21 - New Med units for Mt. Washington and updated photo of Quint 8151 for Zoneton in Bullitt County.  

6/24/21 - More updated photos for Anchorage Middletown Stations 5 and 8 in Jefferson County.                  

6/22/21 - Updates for Junction City and Perryville in Boyle County.   

6/18/21 - Updated fleet photos for all Anchorage Middletown pages in Jefferson County.  

6/16/21 - New Engine 4 for Berea and updates for Berea Vol Fire & Rescue in Madison County.  

6/13/21 - New Rescue 1 for Ashland, new Engine 3 for Catlettsburg, and new Rescue 3 for England Hill in Boyd County.  

6/9/21 - Updates for Stanford, Moreland, McKinney, and Waynesburg in Lincoln County.  

6/8/21 - New Rescue 1 for Scott County FD in Scott County.  

6/5/21 - New Engine 2 for Somerset and updates for Eubank in Pulaski County.  

6/2/21 - Updates for Custer and McDaniels in Breckinridge County.  

5/29/21 - Updates for Fern Creek in Jefferson County.  

5/28/21 - Updates for Nicholasville in Jessamine County.  

5/26/21 - Updates for Hazel Green in Wolfe County.  

5/23/21 - Updates for Corinth, Crittenden, and Jonesville in Grant County.  

5/21/21 - Updates for Caney Valley and Highway 172 VFD and added Morgan County Rescue Squad in Morgan County.   

5/19/21 - Updates for 519 VFD and White Oak in Morgan County.  

5/17/21 - Updates for Beattyville-Lee County FD and Bear Track in Lee County.  

5/12/21 - Updates for Clay City and Middle Fork in Powell County.  

5/9/21 - Updates for Ekron and Flaherty in Meade County.  

4/27/21 - New Engine 5 for Barbourville in Knox County.  

4/25/21 - Updates for Bell County FD and Middlesboro in Bell County.  

4/22/21 - Updates for Manchester, Big Creek, and Horse Creek in Clay County.  

4/20/21 - Updates for Inez in Martin County.  

4/19/21 - Updates for Louisa and Lowmansville in Lawrence County.   

4/17/21 - Updates for Raywick in Marion County and New Hope in Nelson County.  

4/15/21 - Updates for Menifee County FD in Menifee County.  

4/14/21 - Updated photos of all units that have been rebranded to date in each Anchorage-Middletown page in Jefferson County.  

4/11/21 - New deliveries and updates for Clark County FD in Clark County.  

4/10/21 - New Ladder 8 for Franklin County FD in Franklin County and new Engine 20 for Cynthiana in Harrison County.

4/6/21 - New Engine 6031 for Vine Grove and updates for Valley Creek in Hardin County.  

4/4/21 - New Engine 31 for Florence in Boone County.  New Truck 710 for Fort Mitchell and new photo of former Covington Engine 4's privately owned 1961 Seagrave in Kenton County.  

3/31/21 - New Truck 1 for Midway in Woodford County.  

3/27/21 - New Tower 4 for Lexington!  

3/22/21 - Completed a winter-long project of adding historical photos to every department in Jefferson County from our collection.