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KentuckyFireTrucks.com features over 6700 images from 887 departments, agencies, and organizations representing all 120 counties of Kentucky! 

The site features current digital photography and scans of older photos.  Check back often for updates! 

We estimate that we have visited approximately 98% of the active fire departments in Kentucky, plus many more that are no longer active or have consolidated.  If your department is one of the few that we are missing, please feel free to contact us to set up a photo shoot! 

With Old Man Winter showing up very early, Kentucky Fire Trucks has put away the cameras for the year.  The final collective tally for 2018 was 165 visits and 280 new fire truck photos.  Thanks again to everyone for their hospitality, cooperation, and assistance!   Our site racked up 4.8 million photo views in 2018!

Throughout the winter, we will be adding hundreds of older scanned photos.  Please check back often for updates.  We will be out on the road again in the spring of 2019!   

Thanks to everyone for just visiting our site and all of the kind words we receive! 

1/6/19 - Added older photos to Kyrock in Edmonson County. 

1/1/19 - Additions to Louisville Rescue Units, Hazmat/Chemical Units, and Support Units.

12/31/18 - Added older photos to Louisville Trucks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.  

12/28/18 - Added older photos to Louisville Engines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23.     

12/22/18 - Added older photos to Somerset in Pulaski County, Simpsonville in Shelby County, Franklin in Simpson County, Campbellsville in Taylor County, and Mackville in Washington County. 

12/16/18 - Added older photos to Dixie Suburban, Jeffersontown, Lake Dreamland, Middletown, Pleasure Ridge Park Company 3, and South Dixie in Jefferson County. 

12/15/18 - Added frontline unit to EC8 in Lexington. 

12/9/18 - Added older photos to Camp Taylor, Fern Creek, and McMahan in Jefferson County. 

12/8/18 - Added older photos to Highview and Okolona in Jefferson County. 

12/2/18 - Added older photos to Lyndon and St. Matthews in Jefferson County. 

11/16/18 - Added Emergency Care Unit History page in Lexington.   

11/15/18 - New Rescue 2081 and other additions to Elizabethtown in Hardin County. 

11/11/18 - Big Lexington update:  updated photos of Brush Trucks 1 and 2 (Engines 14 and 21) and added pages for all 12 frontline Emergency Care units.     

11/8/18 - Updates and additions for Burlington in Boone County and Alexandria and Southern Campbell FD in Campbell County. 

11/7/18 - Updates and additions for Covington, Crescent Springs-Villa Hills, and Ryland Heights in Kenton County. 

11/4/18 - Updates and additions for Irvine and Estill County FD in Estill County. 

11/1/18 - Additions to Middlefork in Powell County. 

10/31/18 - Updates for Canoe and welcomed Rousseau to the site from Breathitt County. 

10/29/18 - New Crash 58 for Bluegrass Airport in Fayette County and new Engine 4 for Frankfort in Franklin County.    

10/28/18 - Updates and additions to Hazard and Krypton in Perry County. 

10/27/18 - Updates to Union City Ruritan in Madison County. 

10/26/18 - Addition to Ewing in Fleming County and added former Magoffin County FD to Magoffin County. 

10/25/18 - Updates and additions to Gray Hawk, Pond Creek, and Sand Gap in Jackson County. 

10/23/18 - Updates and additions to Williamsburg and Pleasantview in Whitley County. 

10/21/18 - Updates and additions to East Bernstadt and Swiss Colony in Laurel County.

10/19/18 - Updates and additions for Firebrick in Lewis County and Brodhead in Rockcastle County. 

10/17/18 - Updates and additions for Fernleaf Highland, May's Lick, and Sardis in Mason County. 

10/14/18 - All new photos for Walton in Boone County. 

10/13/18 - New Engine 6633 for Lake Jericho and new Engine 4433 for Pleasureville in Henry County.  

10/12/18 - Updates and additions for Augusta in Bracken County and Northeast Nelson FD in Nelson County.  

10/9/18 - Updates and additions for Custer in Breckinridge County and Glendale in Hardin County.  

10/7/2018 - New Quick Response Units for Taylorsville-Spencer County FD. 

10/5/2018 - New Brush 1 for Somerset and new Tower 2 for Eubank in Pulaski County. 

10/3/18 - Updates and additions for Larue County FD in Larue County. 

9/28/19 - Updates and additions for Albany in Clinton County.  

9/27/18 - Updates and additions for Burkesville in Cumberland County. 

9/26/18 - Updates for Summer Shade in Metcalfe County and Bowling Green Company 6 in Warren County.   

9/23/18 - Updates and additions for Mayfield-Graves County FD in Graves County. 

9/20/18 - New Rescue 5 for Calvert City and new Tanker 706 for Fairdealing-Olive in Marshall County. 

9/17/18 - Reorganized Calloway County FD in Calloway County with many updates and additions. 

9/9/18 - Updates for Anchorage Middletown and St. Matthews in Jefferson County. 

9/5/18 - Updates for Jeffersontown in Jefferson County. 

9/3/18 - New Medic units for Buechel and Harrods Creek in Jefferson County. 

9/1/18 - Updates for Southeast Bullitt FD in Bullitt County.

8/30/18 - New Engine 201 for Grapevine in Hopkins County and new Engine 13 for Elkton in Todd County.  

8/26/18 - Updates and additions for Bowling Green Companies 2 and 4, Alvaton, and Browning in Warren County. 

8/23/18 - New Tower 1 for Morehead and new engine for State Fire Rescue Training Area 4 in Rowan County. 

8/21/18 - New Ladder 1 for Danville in Boyle County. 

8/18/18 - Added older photos to Newport, Alexandria, Southern Campbell, Southgate, and Woodlawn in Campbell County. 

8/16/18 - Additions to Florence and Hebron in Boone County. 

8/15/18 - Added older photos to Ryland Heights and Taylor Mill in Kenton County. 

8/13/18 - Added older photos to Crescent Springs-Villa Hills, Kenton Community FD, and Piner-Fiskburg in Kenton County. 

8/12/18 - Updates and additions to Erlanger and Independence in Kenton County.  

8/11/18 - Added older photos to Ballardsville, North Oldham FD, and Westport in Oldham County.

8/10/18 - Additions to Bald Rock and Keavy in Laurel County.  

8/5/18 - New Engine 201 for Bellevue-Dayton in Campbell County and new Tanker 1967 for Westport in Oldham County. 

8/2/18 - New Engine 1 in service for Madison County FD in Madison County. 

7/30/18 - Additions to Whitley City, Eagle-Sawyer, and North McCreary FD in McCreary County.  

7/26/18 - Addedolder photos to Pewee Valley and South Oldham FD in Oldham County.  

7/23/18 - Additions to Sunshine in Harlan County and East Knox FD in Knox County. 

7/22/18 - Updates to Laurel County FD and Lily in Laurel County.

7/21/18 - New Engine 7 for Belfry and additions to Kimper in Pike County. 

7/20/18 - Additions to Boston in Nelson County. 

7/18/18 - Updates to Lebanon Junction and older scans for Mt Washington, Nichols, and Southeast Bullitt FD in Bullitt County.  

7/17/18 - Added the new Anchorage Middletown Fire & EMS department and new Medic 3381 for Jeffersontown in Jefferson County.  

7/15/2018 - New Ladder 5 Anderson County FD in Anderson County and all new photos for Versailles in Woodford County. 

7/14/2018 - New Engine 33 for Bear Creek and new Tanker 808 for Lincoln in Edmonson County. 

7/11/2018 - Additions/updates for Anneta in Grayson County and new Engine 5031 for White Mills in Hardin County.      

7/8/2018 - Christian County updates:  new Rescue 21 for Hopkinsville, additions to Crofton and Pembroke, and welcomed Square Deal to the site.  

6/22/18 - Updates and additions to Auxier in Floyd County and Lowmansville in Lawrence County.

6/21/18 - Updates and additions to Paintsville, Oil Springs, Thelma, West Van Lear, and W.R. Castle in Johnson County.  

6/19/18 - Updates and additions to Inez and Warfield in Martin County.

6/18/18 - Updates and additions to Bagdad and Simpsonville in Shelby County.  

6/17/18 - Reorganized Pleasure Ridge Park in Jefferson County by individual companies and added many photos of the various apparatus in different assignments over the years. 

6/15/18 - Added ISTS in Jefferson County. 

6/14/18 - New Engine 1 for Lewis County FD in Lewis County and new Brush 1 for New Hope in Nelson County. 

6/13/18 - Updates and additions for Little Sandy and Maloneton in Greenup County.   

6/9/18 - New Rescue 2 for Winchester in Clark County and new Engine 1 for Somerset in Pulaski County. 

6/8/18 - New Truck 1 for Covington in Kenton County and updated photo of Engine 1134 for Highview in Jefferson County.  

6/6/18 - Updates for Owingsville and Preston in Bath County. 

5/30/18 - Updates and additions to Anton, Earlington, and Grapevine in Hopkins County.

5/28/18 - Updates and additions to Manitou, Nebo, and Richland in Hopkins County.  

5/26/18 - New Ladder 1 for City of Henderson and additions to Zion in Henderson County.  New Engine 2 for Onton in Webster County.

5/24/18 - Updates for Greensburg in Green County and Mercer Central in Mercer County.

5/20/18 - New Engine 1 and Ladder 2 for Glasgow and new Engine 85 for South Barren FD in Barren County. 

5/19/18 - New Engine 1 and other updates for Nicholasville in Jessamine County. 

5/16/18 - New Rescue 1 and Squad 4 for Campbellsville and new Brush 61 for Taylor County FD in Taylor County. 

5/14/18 - New Engine 8137 for Zoneton in Bullitt County and new Brush 1 for Mackville in Washington County.

4/30/18 - Added the new Washington VFD in Mason County.

4/25/18 - New Squads 5434 and 5438 for South Oldham FD in Oldham County. 

4/22/18 - New Engine 1 for Fort Knox in Hardin County and new Tanker 81 for Nelson County FD in Nelson County.  

4/14/18 - Madison County updates:  New Ladder 1 for Richmond, new Ladder 1 and Brush 2 for Berea, new Engine 2 and Brush 1 for Madison County FD, and new Engine 14 for Waco.