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KentuckyFireTrucks.com features over 7400 images from 897 fire departments, rescue squads, agencies, and organizations representing all 120 counties of Kentucky! 

The site features current digital photography and scans of older photos.  Check back often for updates! 

We have now visited 99% of the active fire departments in Kentucky, plus many more that are no longer active or have consolidated.  If your department is one of the very few that we are still missing, please feel free to contact us to set up a photo shoot! 

Our 2020 photography season has ended.  While working with fire departments to ensure safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, we had an excellent year, in which we captured over 400 new photos at 177 fire departments.  During the off season, we will continue to add older scans and historical photos.  We will be back out on the road in the spring of 2021.  Thanks and health to our many friends and fans!                      


11/19/20 - Added older historical photos to Buechel in Jefferson County.  

10/30/20 - Additions to Taylorsville-Spencer County, Taylorsville, and Spencer County FDs in Spencer County.  

10/27/20 - New Engine 94 for Wendell H. Ford Regional Training Center in Muhlenberg County.  

10/25/20 - New Rescue 11 for Battletown and updates for Meade County FD and Payneville in Meade County.  

10/23/20 - New Engine 6 for Lebanon in Marion County.  

10/20/20 - New Engine 901 for Newport in Campbell County and updates for Piner-Fiskburg in Kenton County.    

10/19/20 - Updates for Grapevine and welcomed the Sycamore VFD to the site in Pike County.  

10/17/20 - Updates for Elkhorn City and Feds Creek in Pike County.  

10/14/20 - New Engine 14 for Browning and new Engine 44 for Richardsville in Warren County.  

10/12/20 - New Engine 550 for Tilton in Fleming County and new Engine 201 for Nicholas County FD in Nicholas County.   

10/11/20 - New Engine 1 for Olive Hill in Carter County and new Engine 2 for Montgomery County FD in Montgomery County.  

10/9/20 - Updates for all 4 Calloway County FD pages in Calloway County.  

10/7/20 - Updates for Salem in Livingston County and Wheatcroft in Webster County.  

10/4/20 - New Tower 4 for Hopkinsville in Christian County and updates for Crittenden County FD in Crittenden County.  

10/3/20 - New Tower 6 for Paducah, new Tanker-Pumper 40 for Concord, and updates for Reidland-Farley in McCracken County.  

10/1/20 - Updates for Ashland Specialty Ingredients and Evonik Sekisui Wacker ERTs and added Clean Earth Inc in Marshall County.  

9/30/20 - Added Gordon FD in Letcher County.  

9/29/20 - Updates and additional historical photos for Hebron and Florence in Boone County.  

9/28/20 - Updates for Campbellsburg and Lake Jericho in Henry County.  

9/27/20 - Updates for Elizabethtown and West 84 in Hardin County.   

9/24/20 - New Emergency Care 1 for Lexington and updates for Nicholasville in Jessamine County.  

9/22/20 - New Tanker 5762 for Taylorsville-Spencer County FD in Spencer County and new Truck 4 for Bowling Green Station 4 in Warren County. 

9/17/20 - Update for Sandy Hook and welcomed Isonville FD to the site, both in Elliott County.  

9/13/20 - Updates for Norton Branch in Carter County.  

9/11/20 - Updates for Jeffersontown and new Quint 2654 for St. Matthews in Jefferson County.  

9/10/20 - Updates for all three Shelby County FD pages in Shelby County.  

9/9/2020 - Updates for Upton in Hardin County and Hartford in Ohio County.  

9/8/2020 - New Engine 23 and Tanker 23 for Alvaton and new Engine 36 for Smiths Grove in Warren County.   

9/7/2020 - New Engine 5 and updates for Bowling Green Station 5 in Warren County.  

9/3/2020 - New Rescue 34 and updates for Franklin-Simpson FD in Simpson County.  

9/2/2020 - New Engine 1 for Owensboro in Daviess County.

9/1/2020 - New Engine 50 for Anderson County FD in Anderson County and new Brush 4575 for La Grange in Oldham County.  

8/31/2020 - Updates and older photos for Warsaw-Gallatin in Gallatin County.  

8/30/2020 - Updates for Anton and White Plains in Hopkins County.  

8/29/2020 - New rescue-engines and other updates for Madisonville in Hopkins County.  

8/23/2020 - New Ladder 41 for Hebron in Boone County.  

8/21/2020 - Updates for Jamestown and South Russell FD in Russell County.  

8/16/2020 - Updates for Columbia-Adair County FD in Adair County.  

8/15/2020 - New Engine 60 for Taylor County FD in Taylor County.  

8/11/2020 - Updates photos of Quint 8151 for Zoneton in Bullitt County and Quint 1151 for Highview in Jefferson County.  

8/5/2020 - New Engine 20 for Lexington.  

8/2/2020 - Updates for Stephensburg, Valley Creek, and West 84 in Hardin County.  

7/30/2020 - Updated photos for Bardstown in Nelson County.  

7/28/2020 - Updates for Lawrenceburg in Anderson County, Mercer Central St. 5 in Mercer County, and Owen County FD in Owen County.

7/22/2020 - Updates for Munfordville, Hardyville, and Linwood in Hart County.   

7/20/2020 - New Tanker 3362 for Shelby County FD (Tankers and Brush Units) in Shelby County.  

7/16/2020  - New Command Units for Shepherdsville and Mt. Washington in Bullitt County.  

7/14/2020 - Updates for Sanders and Westside in Carroll County.  

7/10/2020 - Reorganized Owensboro by station in Daviess County and added additional photos of past apparatus.  

7/9/2020 - Updates for Poplar Springs in Casey County.  

7/7/2020 - Updates for Burnside, Haynes Knob, and Nancy in Pulaski County.   

7/6/2020 - Updates for Whitley City and South McCreary FD in McCreary County.  

7/5/2020 - New Brush 401 for South Hancock FD in Hancock County and new Rescue 12 for White Hall in Madison County.  

7/4/2020 - Created dedicated folder link for Kentucky Fire Commission State Fire Rescue Training and added new engines for Area 4 and the NRPC.  

7/3/2020 - Updates for Sunshine and Wallins in Harlan County.   

7/1/2020 - Updates for Harlan and Putney in Harlan County.  

6/30/2020 - New engines and other additions for Masonville and Thruston-Philpot in Daviess County.  

6/29/2020 - New Engine 2 for Owensboro and new Engine 201 for Airport Sorgho in Daviess County.  

6/28/2020 - Updates for Olive Hill in Carter County and Ewing in Fleming County.  

6/27/2020 - Updates for Union and Walton in Boone County.   

6/25/2020 - Updates for Dow Chemical Co-Louisville Rohm & Haas Plant in Jefferson County.

6/24/2020 - New Engine 33 and fleet updates for Florence in Boone County.  

6/23/2020 - New Engine 7131 and Med Units for Fern Creek in Jefferson County.  

6/22/2020 - Updates for West Knox FD in Knox County and Laurel County FD in Laurel County.  

6/20/2020 - Updates for Bell County FD in Bell County and Grayson in Carter County.  

6/19/2020 - Updates for Big Sandy, East Fork, England Hill, and Marathon Oil Catlettsburg Refining in Boyd County.  

6/18/2020 - New Ladder 7 for Flatwoods in Greenup County and new Engine 91 for US Army-Wendell H. Ford Regional Training Center in Muhlenberg County. 

6/17/2020 - Updates for Flippin, Fountain Run, Gamaliel, and Mud Lick in Monroe County.     

6/16/2020 - New Engine 751 for Fort Wright and new Engine 452 for Independence in Kenton County.   

6/15/2020 - Updates for Rockhouse and West Van Lear in Johnson County.  

6/14/2020 - Updates for Prestonsburg and Allen in Floyd County.  

6/13/2020 - Welcomed Pigeon Roost VFD to the site and updates for Warfield in Martin County.  

6/11/2020 - New Med Units and updates for Pleasure Ridge Park Stations 1, 2, 3, and 4 in Jefferson County.  

6/10/2020 - Updated photos of Squrt 9033 for Fairdale, updates for Jeffersontown, and former Lyndon units relettered for St. Matthews  in Jefferson County.  

6/9/2020 - New Med Units and other updates for Okolona in Jefferson County.  

6/8/2020 - New Hazmat 80 for the Jefferson County Fire Alliance and updates for the Special Operations Team in Jefferson County.   

6/7/2020 - New Engine 91 for Clarkson in Grayson County and new Engine 9033 for Muldraugh in Meade County.  

6/6/2020 - Updates for 2nd District, 4th District, and Rochester in Butler County.  

6/5/2020 - Updates for Morgantown and added Butler County Rescue Squad in Butler County.

6/4/2020 - Added Springfield-Washington County Rescue Squad in Washington County.  

6/3/2020 - Added Marion County Rescue and Privately-Owned in Marion County.  

6/2/2020 - Updates for Loretto and Raywick in Marion County.  

5/29/2020 - Updates for Lebanon Junction in Bullitt County.  

5/26/2020 - New Engine 1433 for North Oldham FD in Oldham County.  

5/23/2020 - Completely reorganized Anchorage Middletown in Jefferson County.  

5/21/2020 - Complete reorganization of Calloway County FD in Calloway County with many new photos. 

5/19/2020 - Updates for Kirksville in Madison County.  

5/18/2020 - New Engine 5 for London and updates for Laurel County FD in Laurel County.  

5/17/2020 - Updates for Black Oak in Lewis County.  

5/15/2020 - Updates for Washington in Mason County and Carlisle in Nicholas County.  

5/14/2020 - New Engine 1 and EC Units for Paris in Bourbon County.

4/24/2020 - New Spring photo of Lexington's Tower 2.  

4/22/2020 - New Quint 7 for Louisville.  

3/15/2020 - New Medic Units and other updates for Highview in Jefferson County.   

2/3/2020 - Louisville:  added newly discovered photos of the 1986 Duplex as Engine 6 and one of the 1980 Pirsch pumpers as Engine 7.  

1/19/2020 - Sneak peek of Lexington's new Tower 2!