Updates - KentuckyFireTrucks

KentuckyFireTrucks.com features over 6700 images from 887 departments, agencies, and organizations representing all 120 counties of Kentucky! 

The site features current digital photography and scans of older photos.  Check back often for updates! 

We estimate that we have visited approximately 98% of the active fire departments in Kentucky, plus many more that are no longer active or have consolidated.  If your department is one of the few that we are missing, please feel free to contact us to set up a photo shoot! 

Our 2019 photo season has begun and we are now out on the road.  Please check back often for updates and feel free to let us know of any new rigs or updates throughout Kentucky!  

5/15/2019 - New Engine 1, Engine 2, and Truck 2 for Shepherdsville in Bullitt County.  

4/25/2019 - Updates for Nichols and additions to Privately Owned in Bullitt County.  

4/23/2019 - New Engine 9 for Magnolia in Larue County.  

4/21/2019 - Updates for Bonnieville and Priceville in Hart County.  

4/19/2019 - Additions to Glencoe in Gallatin County and updates to Dry Ridge in Grant County.    

4/17/2019 - Updates for Zoneton in Bullitt County and Glendale in Hardin County.   

4/14/2019 - Updates for Boyle County FD Stations 2, 3, 4, and 6, and Junction City in Boyle County.  

4/9/2019 - Updates and reorganization of Shelby County FD in Shelby County.  

3/30/2019 - Added new Emergency Care 4, 10, and 12 to Lexington.