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We welcome invitations to photograph new deliveries, fleet additions, rigs that we have missed over the years, and the few remaining departments that we have never visited. 

We appreciate offers of photo submissions, but as this is a passion of ours, the site will solely feature the photos of Kent Parrish and Greg Stapleton.  As such, these photos are copyrighted and may not be used without permission and we have taken steps to protect them within the site.    

Unfortunately, we cannot accept all requests for copies of photos.  However, we gladly offer copies to the departments we have photographed and will consider other requests that involve rigs of a sentimental nature. 

KentuckyFireTrucks consists solely of Kent Parrish and Greg Stapleton.  We are the founders, owners, and ONLY photographers of KentuckyFireTrucks.  

Feel free to email us!

Kent Parrish & Greg Stapleton